Discover Ghent

Discover Ghent


Ghent has a rich variety of plastic arts, festivals, film, literature, music, dance, performing arts and artistic projects. Discover the historic houses, museums about the city, contemporary art, folklore, design... Something for everyone.


Discover the large parks and nature resorts, including the ones that will be added in the near future.


Let a guide show you around the city by foot, boat or in a carriage. Prefer to go out alone? You can, walking, cycling or sailing. You will also find all information about shopping, going out, sports and leisure here.


Ghent is a cultural city that hosts numerous festivals. The main ones are the Ghent Jazz Festival (July), the Ghent Festivities (July), the Festival of Flanders (September-October) and Film Fest Gent (October). 

During the rest of the year, the city hosts several smaller theatre, film and music festivals.

Ghent by night

When the sun sets, the city lights up again. The Ghent lighting plan kicks in as thousands of lights are switched on. It’s not a mishmash of styles, but a carefully crafted network of atmospheres and accents. The concept was developed by the famous lighting designer Roland Jéol. In 2004 the City of Ghent won the International city.people.light award for this lighting plan. The Michelin guide awarded it three stars.

You can admire the lighting during a Light walk, with or without a guide.