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Ghent River


Historic/modern hotel in the city centre of Ghent

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Ghent River Hotel

in the centre of the city

The Ghent River Hotel is based in a 16th century Renaissance house and a building dating from the 19th century that was originally a sugar refinery. The Ghent River Hotel has the landing stage on the river Leie to thank for its name, making this the only hotel in Ghent that can be reached by boat. Together with the Gravensteen Hotel and Hotel de Flandre, the Ghent River Hotel is one of the Historic Hotels of Ghent.

Happy Hour in the bar: Every day from 17:30 until 18:30.

Gents Stropke special: Discover the local beer ’Gents Stropke’ and round off with delicious Belgian fries in a cone-shaped bag. More info

Discover Gent: Discover the sights, activities, events, etc.




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