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Ghent River


Historic/modern hotel in the city centre of Ghent

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Ghent River Hotel

in the centre of the city

Ghent River Hotel is situated on the right bank of the Leie, which has beaconed the Ghent boarder between the 11th and 15th century.

Thanks to the ancient pier, Ghent River Hotel is the only hotel that can be reached by boat.

The site encompasses 2 buildings: a renaissance house, dated 1518 and a rice-mill built on a burnt down sugar refinery, dated 1857. The building also served as a cotton spinning-mill (1873), a warehouse (1879) and a steam actuated bakery (1892). The latter expanded several times until 1909.

In front of the hotel you will come across a small square which is served as thread (yarn) market in the Middle Ages and the 19th century. Next to the hotel you can observe one of the typical medieval “waterstraatjes”.
After a few minutes walk, you meet the ‘vrijdagsmarkt’ with the statue of Jacob van Artevelde (The ‘vrijdagsmarkt’, one of the biggest squares in Ghent, lies only a couple of meters away and is the home of the famous statue of Jacob Van Artevelde.


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